The Doc Meets Matt Bevin: Candidate for Kentucky Governor

2015-09-08 17:37:00 angela-allen
Danville Computer Doc Steve Knight and Matt Bevin Candidate for Kentucky Governor

Danville Computer Doc, Steve Knight, with Matt Bevin, Republican Candidate for Governor of Kentucky.

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Sneaky Ways Criminals Gain Access To Your Computer

2015-08-20 20:51:13 angela-allen

burglar - Microsoft scammers try to gain access to your computerSooooo…  while I was working late tonight a malware/virus company made the mistake of calling me (Angela) to try to get me to allow them access to my computer. And I have to say, I had a GREAT time with these guys — obviously Steve and I don’t get out much. I happened to have my cellphone nearby and I recorded the entire affair. Is it awful that I had a fun with these dweebs? (Does that make me a bad person?)

I’ve uploaded the exchange. Want to hear? Want to know what they are trying to do? Want an example of how this works? Take a listen. (And don’t worry about reporting their URL, we already did that!)

Please, please don’t let people like THIS bamboozle you. Microsoft will NEVER call you and no technical support will EVER call you. If someone calls you or if there’s a number that pops up on your computer for you to call to eliminate malware and spyware — it’s a scam. Don’t fall for it.

Again, I had an absolute BLAST with these jerks. It was fun to play dumb about what they were trying to do. And it was a wonderful opportunity to educate our clients (and the general public). Do you blame me for doing my best to frustrate the begeezus out of them? The typing you hear is me preparing a report to Google on them. Yeah. I did that while I was on the phone. 🙂

Be sure to listen until the end… what a hoot!

Now, with all this said. If you have any questions about your computer, call us. We won’t call you, but we are always here for you to call us. (And, unlike these guys, we actually want you to be safe online.) Truth.

You need to know that when these guys call, and they gain access to your computer, they are doing so to INSTALL malware and viruses and to charge you money to remove what they caused. It’s pathetic, really. They should be hung by their toenails. Seriously. *shaking my head*

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Under the Title of "What a Piece of Crap"

2015-07-30 15:59:17 angela-allen

McAfee Crapware WarningAdobe Reader – used by so many computer owners – now does not even ASK before downloading McAfee Security Scan Plus in tandem with the Reader download. That is an underhanded practice.

At Danville Computer Doc, we despise sneaky “no options” downloads. That is called malware. And when it’s a piece of “you know what” like McAfee — that we never EVER recommend for any client. Yes, it’s that bad — as you can imagine since they now have to swindle unsuspecting users to download their junk.

In addition, Adobe Reader takes the liberty (again without asking) of changing your “default program” for PDFs to itself. What a royal pain!

So, if you want a better way to do PDFs — try Foxit Reader. It’s what we use. It’s faster, it’s lighter-weight, and it doesn’t come with piggy-backing, unwelcome programs — nor does it assume that it’s the only game in town and change your preferred program without asking.

Also be warned that this is automatically checked on Adobe Flash installs. So be careful to uncheck it when installing Flash too.

If you have already been suckered into this malware install you can uninstall it as follows:

  • Under Start menu, go to all Programs
  • Right click on McAfee Security Scan
  • Select “Uninstall”
  • Reboot your computer

If you have any questions about this, call us. If you want a recommendation for good virus protection (hint: It’s NOT McAfee), call us. 859-755-4344..

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How Much Do You Want to Share?

2015-07-29 16:30:00 angela-allen

WiFi Security Breach in Windows 10 Operating System

Today, Microsoft is sharing their new operating system — Windows 10 — for free to Windows 7 users and Windows 8 users.

And, if you take them up on that offer, you will be “sharing” stuff too — like, for instance, your wifi password — with every contact you have on Skype and Outlook — and possibly Facebook. No kidding.

This new “feature” called WiFi Sense doesn’t share your password, but offers an encrypted key to allow your contacts to use your wifi when they are within range. It also means that your information is stored on Microsoft servers. Yes, it’s encrypted, but that’s just a little too invasive for the Doc’s comfort level, so he doesn’t advise using this without seriously considering the possible security dangers inherent in sharing your information.

Yes, you can turn this off, if you don’t want to allow it — but you need to be aware of it, especially if you decide to use the easier, “express” installation, which will turn this on automatically.

You have now been warned.

Encrypted or not, if another device is accessing your network, it HAS your password and a savvy hacker can use that to gain a little more information that you might be willing to share.

For more information, consult the FAQ page over on Microsoft’s page — and then do a little independent research and see what the hacker sites and the security sites have to say about it — BEFORE you open up your private network to contacts.

If you have any additional questions about this, give us a call. We are here to help — 859-755-4344.

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All My Google Results Show Up In Italics - What Gives?

2015-07-24 20:07:56 angela-allen

Italic Fonts in Google ResultsWhen your Google something, and the results in Chrome show up as Italics — it usually means that the font normally used for this is missing.

Determine What Font Is Used

If you right click on the text that is in italics, you can “inspect element.” A window at the bottom of your screen will come up and you can scroll through that to find information about fonts. If, for instance, you see Times New Roman — then it’s the Times New Roman font that has an issue. Most likely, the “regular” version of the font is missing so the browser is auto-substituting another version — the italic version.

Check Your Fonts Folder

To get to your fonts folder, go to Start –>Control Panel –>Appearance and Personalization –>Fonts. This will contain a list of all your currently installed fonts. Double click on the font you determined that your browser was using; in our example, this is Times New Roman. This will open up the font versions and you can see if the “regular” version exists. If it’s missing

Download The Regular Version of Your Font

If you Google “download Times New Roman font” you will have options of places you can download the font. Be careful that you use a REPUTABLE site to download, so you don’t end up with a bigger problem in the form of a virus.

Install the Font

Once you download the font, you can install it. Your italics issue should be gone now (but reboot your computer just to be sure.)

(Note: if you are missing basic Windows fonts, chances are great that you are missing other essential Windows files. It may be time to backup all your data and wipe your computer, putting a fresh install of Windows on your machine. If you need help with that, give us a call, it’s what we do!)

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