When you need technology services, Danville Computer Doc is your answer! To learn more about the breadth and depth of the services we offer, review the following:

Premium and Concierge Computer Services

You may not be able to bring your computer into our offices – that’s ok, we make “housecalls” to your office! You might have an immediate need that requires 24-hour turnaround or same day service. We offer that option as well! Want one-on-one training? Can do! Need us to be always on-call? We offer Service and Maintenance Contracts to ensure your computer issues get priority treatment — around the clock. Discuss your complete list of special needs services and we will develop a custom package to best serve your business or nonprofit organization!

Computer Repair Services

This is triage level service. Your computer is acting up, exhibits weird symptoms — or is playing dead. You need our help right now! Let us help you find the cure!

Computer Maintenance and Protection Services

You know the importance of preventative care and prefer to avoid nasty surprises by keeping things healthy and running smooth all the time. Good for you! We can help.

Business Services

Healthy computers, agile online communication tools to use with customers and vendors, the ability create/restore backups, and your computer system network are all essential to your bottom line. We get it. We will help you keep your business moving forward! We also offer small business maintenance contracts so you can keep the Doc on speed dial and he’s always “on call” for you!

Website Services and Digital Marketing

The Internet expands your personal realm and the reach of your small business. A well-developed website will help your nonprofit reach your clients and your donors. We recommend you check out our branding and marketing services as well.

Custom Programming Services

You need some special programming to make your systems work a little better. You don’t like the stock offerings and want to discuss custom options. Give us a call!

Video and Photography Services

You know that all aspects of your life are going digital and you want to capture current events and memories or preserve old videos and photos in digital formats before they disintegrate and are lost forever. We specialize in helping you live in a digital, high-tech world! We also offer live streaming services to promote your events and video productions for use on your website and digital promotions materials. Call us for more information: 859-755-4344.

Computer Classes

Do you want to know more about your technology? Are you interested in learning to utilize what you have, pick the best option for what you need, and use your hardware and software more effectively? We offer a class for that! If you would like to have us develop a class specifically for training your staff, we can do that too. Call us, tell us what you need, and we will customize our training to you.

Other Services

Digital life tends to be interconnected — and so do our services. If you need a little extra help with technology not listed here? Give us a call, the trusted skills of our own Computer Doc might be just what you need to “fix it” or update it or improve it. Contact us.