Yes, Danville Computer Doc Will Make Housecalls!

We are a full-service provider.

“Housecalls” to your office, home office, or facility are offered for those clients who are unable to bring an ailing computer into our offices. This is particularly convenient for businesses with issues involving multiple computers or networks.

Saving Money on Repairs

The most economical way to get your computer repaired is to bring your laptop or desktop to our offices, to avoid the additional fees we have to charge to make onsite visits. But we are happy to work with you to provide onsite services if you need them.

Not Sure?

If you aren’t sure if a housecall is really necessary? Call us: 859-935-1666. We can help you to determine if you need the Doc to come to you, or if you should bring your sick computer to him.

Fees for Housecalls

Leaving the office takes the Doc away from those machines he is working to repair onsite and often requires him to work after-hours to meet the deadlines and promised delivery times of our other customers.

Housecalls will incur a $50 flat “housecall” fee in addition to hourly and/or services rendered fees and the cost of parts for any location within Danville and Junction City limits.

Trips outside Danville/Junction City will incur an additional mileage-based charge (beginning at $25 for up to 25 miles from our offices). Longer trips will incur larger site fees. Please ask before scheduling your appointment.

Please note: Business clients with a maintenance contract do not incur site fees for repairs or monthly maintenance. Ask us about our contract options.