As of January, 2024 we are not taking on any new computer repair clients.

If you are a current contract client, we are always on call for you.  If you are an former/existing client, we will continue to meet your needs, as our schedule permits.

(We will remove this message when client slots open up again. Thank you!)

Danville Computer Repair Services – Healthcare for Geekware!


If you need computer repair services, Danville’s own Computer Doc will be happy to help in your place of business or home office. We are open Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. You may also schedule computer repair services after hours or on weekends. Emergency calls after hours are welcome, of course!

We apologize for any inconvenience but Danville Computer Doc does not work on phones or tablets. Computers only please. Thank you! (Mac users are welcome)

A Sample of Computer and Repair Services Offered:

  • Networking issues
  • Virus / Malware infections
  • Recovery of deleted files
  • Equipment upgrades
  • New system builds
  • Onsite repair
  • Windows OS upgrades and recovery
  • Cracked computer / laptop screens
  • Speeding up slow computers
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Personal one-on-one or classroom-based training for your staff for hardware and software

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How We Repair and Service Your Computers and Technology

If your office is in or around Danville Kentucky and the surrounding area, there’s an “on call” computer doctor to keep your business technology in great health.

  • Enjoy service available on your schedule
  • Expect prompt arrival to appointments
  • Get quick on-site evaluations, repairs and installation of equipment and software
  • Service contracts which include premium customer support anytime you need it and regular monthly “check-ups” to keep everything running smoothly!

The can determine on the first visit if a quick tweak will get the system back on track or if you will need an upgrade or hardware replacement.

Keep Your Computer Data Private

Regardless of the problem, you can choose to stay in possession of your machine or you can bring it into our office. With, you can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth, at your business location or at ours. Either way, we take your privacy seriously and work hard to earn your trust and to keep your confidence in us.

How Other Computer Service Providers Handle Your Problem

When an emergency strikes, you seldom have the time or inclination to rearrange your schedule, unhook the cables and peripherals and ship it to someplace far away. You probably don’t want to take it to someone in another city that you don’t know.

Once the machine is in the hands of the invisible, long-distance “tech” team, you may be required to wait for days (or even weeks) for an initial determination on the condition of the machine and to get an estimated time to complete your repair.

If you have a question about your hardware or software, you may not enjoy two hours on the phone trying to get to “level two” support and beyond with someone who may (or may not) be a native speaker of English. Let’s face it, that’s frustrating.

Compare the Difference in Our Computer Repair Services

DanvilleComputerDoc, Steve Knight, will meet you at your place of business or home office, to examine and evaluate your computer’s ailment. If you have a new piece of equipment (or want one) you may need guidance and assistance to make the most of your technology and use it to improve your bottom line. The Doc can help. He offers one-on-one training for all major software packages, computer peripherals (including ill-behaving printers), and networks.

  • Want someone local, who is willing to go on-site to answer your questions based on your particular system and configuration?
  • When you have a question, wouldn’t you rather have someone there, at your machine, to guide you step-by-step, instead of just trying to answer your questions over the phone?
  • Most hardware repairs and software fixes can be made at your business location for convenience or you can bring your computer to us and save the on-site fee!

The Doc is also knowledgeable about the technology needs of small businesses and can advise you on:

  • Hardware and software purchases (what you need and what is an unnecessary expense)
  • How to set up your systems to work better
  • Where to get the best prices on your hardware and software