Your Information is Personal — and Private

We respect and protect your privacy — from the information you share with us online to the data on your computer. The healthcare system has protection measures in place to ensure that a patient’s private information remains private — we do too.

The information you give us — like your name, address, phone number, email address, etc. will not be shared outside our company. We do not sell, rent or loan out our clients’ contact information. That’s just rude and we try to always treat others the way we would want to be treated (and we are really particular about our private information!)

We Keep Your Computer Data Private

Regardless of the problem, you can choose to stay in possession of your machine or you can bring it into our office. With the DanvilleComputerDoc, you can make sure you are getting your money’s worth, at your business, at our offices, or at your home office.

The Doc won’t mind if you stand over his shoulder watching everything he does. He knows it’s your data and respects your privacy and will never open your personal files unless required to complete your repair (and then only with your explicit permission).